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 Working with Kelsey has been an absolutely transformative experience for our son and our family. As parents we can’t say enough about the positive impact she has had on our family. She has helped both ourselves and our son understand how he learns differently and how he, too, can be successful in the classroom. Working with our son for now three years, she shows great expertise in her ability to adapt and individualize his educational therapy program as he evolves and changes as a learner. She has helped him not only overcome his learning challenges, but to truly understand and appreciate his gifts, strengths, and talents.  Our son is now a confident learner both in and out of the classroom. With Kelsey’s support, our son went from struggling to read books below his grade level and disliking school to now enjoying reading at his grade level and loving his time in the classroom. She has completely transformed his ability to learn, and we will forever be grateful.    

-Parents of 5th grade student, The Gillispie School

 Writing has always been a struggle for our child.  Any assignment involving creative writing was especially difficult because it involved making choices about what to write.  Since our child has been working with Kelsey, we have seen a complete transformation in the ability our child has to sit down and make a decision about what to write.  Kelsey has also given our child excellent strategies to use when faced with a creative writing assignment.  Most importantly, Kelsey gave our child the confidence to overcome his reluctance to engage in creative writing assignments.  Our child will now sit down and write stories just for fun.

-Parents of 5th grade student, La Jolla Country Day

The first thoughts that my 15 year old daughter had to describe Kelsey were patience and caring.Kelsey is creative, keeps things interesting and more importantly, fun. She stays on the forefront of technology – we live in Northern California and my daughter’s sessions are via Skype using Google docs and a Drop Box. Kelsey has a great way with my teenager keeping her motivated and building her confidence along the way. I have to say that following a session my daughter  usually needs a quick nap; we can really tell that she is tapping into areas of her brain that haven’t been regularly utilized and she is being challenged to rethink the way she approaches critical issues. Having a teenager whose responses generally are “yes, no, fine, or I don’t know,” and I have to say that Kelsey’s written communication with my husband and I, keeping us informed of the activities that took place after each session and how my daughter is performing and more importantly progressing, is critical. Kelsey is open to discussing any concerns that arise and takes the time to address any issues that have come up.

-Parent of 11th grade student, Cardinal Newman High School, Santa Rosa

We have known and used Kelsey as an Educational Therapist for over 2 years. Our son has a cognitive processing issue and she has been an amazing teacher for him to learn how to cope with his disability. She has taught him many practical tools as well as important executive management skills which proved invaluable to him as he has made the transition to a much more rigorous academic environment in middle school. Kelsey’s approach is a perfect balance of kindness and firmness which provides just the right amounts of encouragement and expectation of consistent progress. She is a great teacher and mentor and we are so thankful to have found her. We cannot recommend her highly enough. 

-Parent of 6th grade student, The Bishops School

Throughout my childhood I’ve struggled with ADHD and Dyscalculia; my family hired multiple tutors but no one understood my needs and after every session I was left feeling hopeless and stupid. Kelsey has been such a blessing to my life, she is well versed in learning disabilities and treats all of her students with kindness, compassion, and provides a judgment-free environment. In the past 3 months I’ve accomplished more than I’ve dreamed of. She not only has helped with my school but with my personal goals as well.

-11th grade student, James Madison High School